Tuesday, December 13, 2005

well the whole plan's come unstuck!!

I've gone and got a job!
one of my english speaking aquaintances gave me the number and name of her boss the other week, and although I rang straight away, last week was the sort of week, with two public holidays, that the spanish on mass seem to just take the whole week off.
they call it haciendo puente, making a bridge.
then they take the puente areo the air-bridge (literally) and go for a vacation. well that's not strictly true, of course as the air-bridge is more a week day thing. a bit like the early morning and evening services between Sydney and Brisbane, only in this case between Madrid and Barcelona. (Sydney and Brisbane are both a little to far away to hacer puente, of any sort.

so where the hell was I.
I'm in great danger of getting side tracked rather badly, as usual.
ah my job. back to me. that's better
having been told that the boss lady, would be back on the monday, I rang on the monday morn, when I came in from my dog walk.
I didn't actually speak to her, but instead to a nice scottish boy, (maybe he was irish or even welsh, I didn't take a lot of notice, and I'm not very good with that sort of thing), who asked if I could come in an hour to have an interview with the director. well we negotiated a time a little more than two hours away and I was away.
Bad luck painting!.
because that's what I was doing at the time.
trying to pull off what I said the other day
as you can see I have included above the painting in it's current state so that I can be believed when I say that I am trying to pull off another work like last weeks, even though it seems quite obvious that I am failing to do so. It's not that it couldn't work, just that it isn't working, related phenomena, but not the same.
so to get back to the employment strand. The interview seemed to go alright, well, quite well really. The director turned out to be a lovely british lady, the whole thing seemed fairly laid back, although she was obviously dealing with quite a few things at once. ( I find out later that the are nearly 60 teachers so it's a bit of a big operation.) and anyway she seemed to indicate that I looked pretty good for a january start. and, she did give me fair warning that one of her teachers was looking at a job offer in america, and she wasn't sure if they might need an emergency replacement. I of course indicated that I was flexible and adaptable, and whatever happened she could count on me. etc.
so this morning (that's the next day)when I got back from my dog walk I find my slippers in the middle of the lounge room (as if there was any other room) floor, with a great big note taped to them, saying I had two classes to do at 2 pm in Atocha, and could I please come past the school as well.
Ironic about the note, as Lourdes hadn't left to go to class yet, so was dressing in the lounge room (as if there was any other room) and could of told me in person, and of course did.
(well that was an unamusing aside)
anyhoo, so I'm an The English Centre english teacher now.
so that's going to have an impact on my blogging and cycling and painting careers.
although I am easing in to it, with only four hours a week this week and next week, and then two weeks holiday.
but in january they will be trying to give me fifteen hours a week. well, they will be paying me for fifteen hours a week, so I assume they will try pretty hard to give me that many.
So I will see how I go. because there is the studying solar energy strand of my life as well, which is already being sorely neglected.
and I don't want to give up blogging and doing illustration friday, nor cycling, nor, obviously, painting, so I will have to be more organised and try to get it all done. wish I hadn't spoiled my dog so much. he's so used to his 4-6 hours of walks every day, so I just realised that his expression in the entry below, (or here, if you are on the permalink page) and this one, that of surprise, is his face when he hears that I have a job, and will have to go out even more times without him.
poor little fellow.
he's depressed right now.
and it's only my first day.

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Aravis said...

I love the illustration! Congratulations on the job. Good luck!!

Teri C said...

Oh my gosh, a job!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool. This will keep you in paints and off the street (yeah, right, like eni would let you do that!)

I love the painting and now he really has something to be surprised about.

Be sure to stop by and tell us what you are up to with the job. Especially,if they want you to teach art. That would be too cool. Remeber, things happen for a reason.

Lily and Lucy White said...

Job sounds like real fun, but will it live you enough time to do exquisitely masochistic paintings of infinitely small objects?! Hope so.
Sorry you have to view my blog through explorer – I don’t understand why… The whole technology thing is dying on me, computer, printer, scanner, everything, so I do have to attend to it, and maybe I can get this exploder thing figured out, maybe?
The dog in color was just out there, whatever it is you drinking for breakfast, I’d like a gallon of it! Lily White.

Joe said...

Love the Ill. good luck on your new job!