Friday, August 18, 2006

photos from galicia

we had a bit of a long weekend away
Lourdes, eni and I caught a plane to Galicia and stayed in a place on the beach.
Galicia is the bit above Portugal on the western edge of the Iberian peninsula.
full of old stuff, like this half built medieval bridge.

but the smell of bushfire smoke was never far away, as there was over 1000 bushfires that week in Galicia.

but we were right next to the beach, and that's hard not to like

and the smoke made for some beautiful photos, devestating effects on the everything not-withstanding

the other side of the ria, which I suppose you would call a fiord, or inlet, or something

sunrises over land and sunsets over the ocean.

I'm still not feeling very talkative but there's quite a few more images on my flikr page, linked from that box at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately, I've already used up my upload bandwidth for the month so the rest will have to wait.
lots of dog shots of course. Maybe later I'll do an illustration friday, but don't hold your breath, or as they say here in spain, wait sitting down, although they say it spanish, claro
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