Saturday, December 17, 2005

illo friday's been bumped down one

as I said in the title, I've only just posted my illustration friday link and I just linked to my blog, instead of the permalink, so any hard core illo fridayers who want to go straight to my illo for this week should scroll down immediately.
but if you've got a minute I would like to take the time to tell you about a few things you should read. Well mainly two, I will add them to my links when I have finished here.
one is an article called The Madness of George W Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, and the other is some of the best blog writing I have read.
go there and read and comment. I don't understand at all why he has no comments.
I came across his blog by followng the link on his sig over at the clusterfuck nation blog, a blog I was completely addicted to, mainly because of the comments by the above mentioned weaseldog and other commentators.
I have mentioned that blog before
and it's sitting over there in my links section.
anyhow the following work that I did a long time ago, in my student days, seems appropriate here

now really, go and read that stuff, start with weaseldogs blog, the other is pretty heavy going, but really well worth it.
I love youse all

oh and I just got one of these accounts too, but I do mean just now so there's only a few photo's there yet. now's your chance to start off in a way that allows to keep up.
serioussix's photos
oops sorry it wouldn't let me stick that here. HTML not acceptable, but it's in the footer of the blog.

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COOOL !! Nice POP ART style!

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