Wednesday, December 21, 2005

part2 - I got back, sort of

part 2 of my story that is.
I don't have any time already, because I just started work as I mentioned in a previous post, well now I don't get to choose how to spend my time, and worst of all I don't get any free time as I have to study for my job as well.
english grammer sucks big time, but knowing less than my students; sucks more.

well I had left it at that point so I think I better flesh it out a little more.
I will resist talking about how I don't have any time anymore, and get on with trying to explain who I am, or how I came to this point, or, or, .
well I don't really have much of an idea where I was up to.
I'll just go give it a bit of a reread.
can't say that I am all that impressed by my start.
I think I need a ghostwriter.
I am convinced that there is plenty of interesting bits in my story so far, but I don't seem to have much of an idea of how to go about talking about them.
I think about some of the things I have done and things I have thought and the way I continue to live now. and I think that if I just come out with that sort of stuff I must come across as an egomaniac, or just a maniac.

I 'spose I don't mind that, but I hope I come across as a lovable maniac, as indeed apparently hitler was. and I paint in watercolours too.

anyway last time I gave the most cursory of overviews to my childhood. I could try to do the same to my teenage years here.
I was saying that I was born in country queensland, and moved oftenn throughout my childhood until spending seven years in buderim.
those high school years spent in a beach paradise are really part of my formation as a person for a variety of reasons and on a variety of levels. not the least of which is that I watched it get destroyed, hell I even participated in it by being there and acting innocent. as we have all been doing over the past 20 years. apparently.
I saw the wide open spaces, (where I ripped around doing environmental damage on my suzuki dr 185) turn in to housing estates called ironically enough, the wide open spaces. or the forest torn down to make way for forestdale, or forestglen, or other such inventive names.
more recently I saw mcdonalds come to coolum beach, after a protracted fight to keep it out. well it was full from the first day, and still is full now. (well right now it's probably closed, being 4:36 am in australia)
we all stood by and watched as we made south east queensland a long strip city, of far strung out malls and continuous housing tracts. the land that used to supply the food that we ate, the bush that used to supply the reason to be there, the dunes that used to separate us from the sea, well the pacific ocean to be precise, (lives up to it's name most all the time, but it seems unwise to count on it.)
all gone
and obviously at least some of us profited by it.
(I even have to include my self here, in a way, as I did allright with the only property I ever purchased and still own part and that's worth more than I paid.)
we all are part of the situation and therefore part of the problem.
I better break for an image here as I am getting all heated up.!!

ooh, I don't know if that helped.

in the same way as I did last time (same link, no need to go there for a third, or is forth, time, but yes you do need to go there now if you haven't yet.) I am giving you an image that is actually part of a larger work. The dollar on the ropes above (scanned from a tiny image on a small part of a thirty-five mm slide) is part of a complex work, that I will endeavor to post more of another time.
and as promised I will now show more of the work that netted me one of my two, lonely prizes. lucky I don't have a trophy cabinet as I would be the laughing stock of all who surveyed it. especially as the prize was a night for two people in the cheapest room at the noosa sheraton resort. and I was even shameless enough to use it. and with my first undying spanish love.
this work was in public space not far from the aforementioned noosa sheraton resort, as part of the seachange sculpture by the sea event that had some incestuous relationship with the 2000 sydney olympics

seems funny that I don't have better fotos, but anyway, one does what one can when one moves to the other side of the world, and forgets to pack in advance.

as you can see the object is an enormous site specific sculpture examining our place in and relationship with the land and the original inhabitants of same.
( or at least I can see it. ) :P

it caught the eye of the curator after being passed over by the official judges, and she gave me her 'curator's prize', earning my eternal gratitude and a good price on a partial purchase of same, years later.
this last object in this post is a not unrelated talisman. a bit too strong for the couple that I made it for who quickly gave it away to another mutual friend.
(I now know another couple who need such a talisman, so might have to try and recreate the magic.)

this photo is from a point that is unfinished but seeing as how the whole work is coloured pencil over acrylic paint, and is very fragile, the pattern dissapearing as fast as you can draw it on, it will forever be unfinished.
anyhow I feel like I still haven't said anything but I have used up my alloted time so I will have to call it part two and come back with more soon
got to love illustration friday. I do.

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Aravis said...

There's a lot of really gorgeous work there! And yes, English grammar sucks. It makes little sense sometimes, and that is coming from a native speaker. Good luck! :0)

Alina Chau said...

REally coool postings!!

Anonymous said...

That last photo looks like me! Maybe you aren't THAT smelly };-}

ValGalArt said...

Wishing you a very merry Holiday! missing you but we will see you when we can! Hope eni is hanging in there.

Paula said...

There are wonderful images here, Scott. Happy holidays to you...with some time for more.

catnapping said...

all i can say is scrumptious work!

Teri C said...

Scott, you have posted some really gorgeous work here! I mean gorgeous! Wow.

You are slowly revealing yourself and it sounds good.

PS, I LOVE English grammer.

aynaku said...

hi, thanx for your comment (sea).it's true what anonymous said...anyway, your site specific installation looks interesting...i'm in the same buisiness, more or less, week, I'll held a public art performance, here, least you got students, spare time or cash????
if you have some extra spare time,please, check