Thursday, December 01, 2005

pine needles needling me

while looking through some of the blogs of this weeks illustration fiday I came across a really cute birdy and pine needles drawing, that so reminded me of me, although it's a long time since I have made any serious attempt to represent one of our fine feathered friends.
I haven't however, ever gotten completely over my lifelong desire (well thats some sort of tautism) to become a bird painter, and most of what I do when I draw (when I do draw) could be described as studies of objects to go in bird paintings.
I did the following drawing last year, as one of the build-up to longer works.
what a shame I got side tracked.
goddamn technology, (as I am sure she will)
this is a detail first, which on my screen looks like it has come out about life size, ie. the size of the original drawing, which, incidentely, or not, is the size of the original object, or, life size

and this is the whole drawing, which is a non Asomething size, 30 X 42 cms, or for those of the american persuasion, . . hang on!. .. well rethinking that one, that is an Asomething size, being A3, so just ignore that. for the americans that's 12 X 16 and a bit, nearly 17 inches, unless I am sadly mistaken, and the drawing was done from a 'fresh' specimen that I broke of a tree in the park.
sorry tree
I had it set up, spiked on a needle tool, so that it was hanging over my desk, at the angle you see here.
took about ten days and had to finish when I accidently tapped it with my pencil, and all the needles fell off!
the nick of time

You can see why the drawing by ellen made me think of me, and made me want to post this.
also, sounds a bit silly but don't be afraid to post comments to my blog, and say whatever you want. I don't encourage only superpositive comments, although if that's all you can come up with...
love youse all


ValGalArt said...

this is beautiful!

Alina Chau said...

Awesome drawings!