Saturday, December 10, 2005

illustation friday surprise

hi everybody,
I am getting a bit paranoid that I may never finish the painting that I am doing for this weeks illustration friday, and seeing how there were well over five hundred entries last week, the last time I looked, I thought I might just post the sketch that came together straight away, and will probably capture the feeling I was hoping for better than the finished work.

if the painting comes together I will be sure to post it. or I should say, when the painting is finished I will post it.
the other reason that I was feeling presure to get my post done is that I wanted to announce that I was starting a tag, that I will tag two people with. Then those two will tag two and so on. so I thought I would start with two of my first blogging aquaintances, one being teri c and valgalart
the task for the tag, is to post the work, represented in one or more photos, that took the most time to complete, and to talk a little about the process and the result. a little like what I posted recently, jpg or gif although as you can see, I wasn't specifically doing what I have asked them to do.

oh and in case anyone is wondering, the following button is not a paid ad, I'm doing it for you, anyone who hasn't discovered the benefits of tabbed browsing is really missing out

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(although I have some trouble with it at times though, I must admit. keep internet explorer round for those times)

I love youse all


Teri C said...

Yikes, that is one surprised dog!! You captured that look perfectly. Is this the same dog in the photo with you?

I am looking at your foxfire info. I like those buttons.

Okay, I got the tag and will hopefully post it later today.

carla said...

That's quite a face! What does it see that's so surprising? Is this going to be the painting? It does seem to sometimes take a long time to get and idea from head to web within a reasonable amount of time, which is why I decided to do a quick one this week. Good luck with the painting:>

scott said...

teri, yes and no, on the doggy question. I share all my life with my adorable little mate eni, a hienzer (mixed breed) who came from the logan city dog pound, in a long story, which I will tell one day here soon. I thereby would be a little willfully ignorant of the way things really are if I claimed that this little dog with the same overall look etc. wasn't based on him.
by the way, or BTW I suppose I should say, here in blogger land, eni has his own blog, and he's even been participating in IF the last couple of weeks. check it out if you haven't, although I should point out that it's in spanish, and it's by a dog, so even that spanish is a little poor
I think he's hearing or feeling something, rather than seeing it.
as you can see in one of the sketches there is another dog telling him something, in a gary larson sort of situation. (the real meaning of the word neutered, or somesuch) I also played with the idea of the vet behind, (nudge nudge) or a big dog getting his nose in, or such forth and so on.
but in the end I am hoping to pull off another painting just of him, with no external stimulus for his surprise and that works on the same sort of symbolic level as the one that I did last week. here's hopeing.
thanks for the animos.
I'm just going to check your's out now, I still haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...


scott said...


Anonymous said...

Had just woken up and thought I was looking in a mirror or your dog was looking at me };-}

kikazinha said...

Hi Scott, fine for me, I love to see sketches even more than the illustrations, you get to see all the process :-)
And about my book and why didn´t I post it well...I was to lazy to scan and upload them.But if you leave in Spain one day you may check it at an Imaginarium shop, you know?The ones with a big door and a small door.
Your sketch is covering the face of the porcupine...;-)C.

andrea said...

You have quite the long name, Scott! The expression on the faces is priceless -- absolutely surprised. Hope you finish the other.

Alina Chau said...

This is sooo cool and expressive!

Anthony Woodward said...

I liked reading about your resolve as an artist (saving and living off that) that's dedication and I wish you all the best keeping it up! I may have answered some of you questions about advent calenders, and more...

Lily and Lucy White said...

Great sketch!
Love the dog. Something in me wants to say ”nicer doggy” and back away s l o w l y. Love the Part One of your story… can’t wait for part two. Lily.

stikman said...

cool biro linework! Unnerving eyes too

Teri C said...

Scott, I have finished my tag. Please take a look

modroom said...

Ha, looks like the dog equivalent of The Spanish Inquisition turned up and your little friend has just opened the door to them. What a shock. Glad you like my odd things. Hope painting going ok, no need to panic yet.

C* said...

1. Love the heather of your blog and the detail of it!
2. Like your idea of starting a tag!
3. Always appreciate you comments, they are really constructive.

ValGalArt said...

this is a very cute little charachter study of eni! I like it very much.