Thursday, December 15, 2005

illofri- I can't do any more

the expression on the top eni, makes me feel queasy.
well sick to the stomach to tell the truth.

guilty conscience, or simply guilt complex.
I don't know who is more spoiled, eni or I.
it's the unfortunate second possible meaning to the title of this blog
personally for me, if I forget about how guilty I feel about eni's new lifestyle, I am quite enjoying it.
eni has also decided it was time to do an illustration friday as well, and he has let it all hang out
listen, I got to rush, sorry to the bloggers whose comments I haven't done yet.
maybe tomorrow I can find some time
I love youse all

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Alina Chau said...

COOOL illos! Great expression.

Teri C said...

Oh, that Eni just vibrates with excitment!! Love it. Does he know what a star he is?

He'll adjust to his new life style--he wouldn't want you to be unhappy. When you are happy so is he.

carla said...

Wow! Eni's got it goin' on! I just love that expression - a little different in each picture - but still lots of personality. You have a real penchnat for the op art, vibrating's very cool!

ValGalArt said...

really great! love the tail!

Weaseldog said...

Nice stuff Scott! I like your work. :)

LDahl said...

Hi Scott, I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what you are doing. I've always enjoyed seeing your comments on the IF illo's, you have such a creative take on everything.

merlinprincesse said...

HAHA! I'VE JUST DISCOVERED THAT THE DOG STALKING MY CATBLOG IS YOURS!!!!!! I'm all mixed up. Did I send you an e-mail yet? I mean to you MMMMM your dog maybe? Well... Scott, thanks for coming to see Merlinprincesse and Merlin the Hoot Kat and Miss Princesse.... I think you also know Hellcat. (hee hee hee)... Ps Frightening illo...!