Monday, December 26, 2005

holiday- illustration friday

well the ten minute illo is alive and kicking

I am really losing the plot.
I hope things sort themselves out and I can get back to a sort of rythym.
I had it going alright and then along comes work and my reality check.
anyhow, for those wondering about the above drawing and how it fits.
I googled define: holiday (for those who didn't know you can do that, you learn something new every day)
and got

Holiday - Pinhole. Skip. Discontinuity. Void.

Holiday: An uncoated area of a coated surface usually missed unintentionally

A missed spot in painting or tarring a roof or foundation, sometimes called a Sunday, it is named because of the idea of a holiday being a gap in work.

Gilding - A gilders term that refers to an area were the leaf did not initially adhere. Holidays are caused by 2 things. First, in the application process, the leaf just did not stick to the 'tacky' surface. Simply apply fresh leaf and rub down. Secondly, when you applied the 'size' in step 4, you missed an area leaving a bald spot, and there is no adhesive for the leaf to stick to. After you have completed leafing the entire surface, including patching in all holidays, re-apply more 'size' to the missing spots with a small artists brush, allow to come to 'tack' as before, then apply leaf to the newly sized area.

Holiday A spot missed while painting a surface.

Holiday: An area where a liquid-applied material is missing.

Holiday: Application defect whereby small areas are left uncoated. Syn: Misses, Skips, Voids, Discontinuities, Vacations.

etc. you get the idea.
the first version was much cleverer, but I am too stressed to pull it off, and today I decided that I would have to do something else.
duh duh
(it's above)

illustration friday
also I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all my new illo friday friends whose blogs I have not been visiting and whose comments I have not been making.
I will try and get round you all soon.

OH and I finally filled in part two, just below.
got to try and break that habit

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Ellen said...

Thank you so much for that tidbit of info and the delightfully humerous cartoon to go with it. GREAT job!!!! Happy, Happy!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the missed area wasn't intentional? Great image :) Enjoy any holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

Thanks for the link!

As a cartoonist you might like Savage Chickens

I visit just for the wisdom, as you will realize when you see the quality of the drawings :)


catnapping said...

hehehee...great post, thank you!

maybe it could also be a day with holes in it...

hope your winter stays cool!

carla said...

It's different, that's for sure. Question the holiday happy now? And when the holiday is happy, will you have a Happy New Year? I sure hope so:>

Zórdís said...

Just something different, perfect for this season....nice little doggy working it all together! Merry Season and a happy life! Holidays are sure nice.....

ValGalArt said...

this is fun ane silly! Nice to see ad hear from you! Hope you are hangin in there and that you have a fun NEW YEAR!!!

Joe said...

I like your take on google!LOL! And yes I thought of the square flag! Glade you noticed!

merlinprincesse said...

This doggy painting... is eni chiquitin??? Very funny illo. Love it. And I read your "part 2"... Interesting life you had... Wish you and your family many happy things for 2006! Love.

Jane Doe said...

You must be a spy. This looks like a recent scene of me training my dog to paint my office.