Saturday, March 18, 2006

really losing the plot

can't seem to get it together enough to post at all

so just some skies, so you'll know that I still live

and take photos sometimes

all taken on my sister's birthday

but I forgot to ring her, and didn't remember again until she rang me to find out if I was still alive

although kraus forgives me

illustration friday
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Friday, March 03, 2006

I've been tagged by teri C

thanks teri, I have enough time to do this now (I think)
although the truth is, as usual, that I have very little time indeed
any how the tag is to reveal four things about me in different catagories.

four jobs I have had
well I have had a mountain of them
1. my fist job; at 13 and a half; assistant to the news agent, operating the primative paper rolling machine on saturday and sunday mornings, from 2 am to 5:30 or 6 o'clock. 30 dollars a week, if I remember correctly.
2. my first full time job, after I dropped out of medicine; dog food delivery driver, for a company called HAY YOU Pty. Ltd: and no I am not kidding.
3. my higest paying job; although it was only for 42 days. working as an unqualified rigger and all rounder in the last frantic lead up to World Expo 88, in brisbane, queensland. I earned 9000 dollars in the forty two days and 'pissed it up against the wall', although I also went skydiving.
4. my most missed opportunity job; working once a month or so hanging the shows in Micheal Milburn's gallery in new farm. (rest in peace Micheal)

four movies I watch over and over
1. Pulp Fiction; I don't think I need to say any more. one of the all time greats.
2. Baraka; If you have not seen this movie, you really should drop what you are doing and go search it out in a specialty video shop.
3. Pink Floyd's The Wall; I watched this movie 8 times in one weekend, at one point of my life, quite a long time ago.
4. Toy Story and Toy Story 2; I could sit right down and watch them again right now.
(if I had the time and a video player, because I own them on video, in the spanish dubbed versions), and anything else by Pixar.
hors catagoria. Torrente. el brazo tonto de la ley. A classic spanish movie that I can't recommend highly enough.

four places I have lived
this is hard.
1. Kingston. I have a house still in Kingston, not the one in Jamaica though, Kingston in Logan City, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I would be happy to live there again, even though it's in my hated suburbs.
2. Madrid City. at one stage I lived in Callao, which is as central as you can get, but now I live in Tetuan, right where Metro Francos Rodriguez is.
3. Blackwater, Qld. a coal mining town, where I lived during the formative period between ten and twelve approx. very country Queensland.
4. Coles Creek, Qld. on a dairy farm called Kevindale. when I though I could drop out. I didn't succeed because I didn't stop drinking, but it set the tone for the second period of my life. from there I went to Art College.

four TV shows that I watch
well this is easier, because I don't watch any.
true Gasp. I don't actually have a TV, although I do have a tv tuner card in this very computer, but I only fire it up if there is cycling on.
1. Tour de France
2. Vuelta a EspaƱa (tour of spain)
3. any other cycling race. (which translates as none)
4. previously I did watch quite a bit of tv, and would again, which is why I don't own one. shows I would watch include, for example Blackadder, I'm Alan Partridge, The New Statesman, Alas Smith and Jones, Father Ted etc.

four places that I have vacationed
also can't really say I ever have vacationed, in the usual sense. but I have been places. so here goes.
1. Fiji, with my mother, when I was fifteen. my mum and dad got married in Fiji, and we had an uncle or two living there, so we took advantage of that and went and stayed on the cheap.
2. Kata Juta. one of the most incredible places on the planet. We camped illegally on aboriginal land about 30 k's to the west and arrived two hours before the legitimate sightseeers. bit bad but I recommend it as it's the only way to see it alone.
3. Segovia. here in Spain. amazing aquaduct, and castle and stuff like that
4. Sydney. far more beautiful than I really thought all my life.

four favourite dishes
1. spagetti bolognase, as made by me
2. avacado on toast, with king island chedder, or parmasan or some rich cheese
3. muesli, with corn flakes and fruit juice and skim milk and yogurt
4. maybe ice cream, with chocolate cereals, or maybe lomo adobado.

four sites I visit daily
1. something everyone should do
2. clusterfuck nation by jim kunstler I include jim kunstlers blog in the interests of truth as I do visit almost everyday, but I no longer pay any attention to what jim actually says on his blog as he has turned out to be a complete fuckstick, pardon the french. he even has the gall to deny 911 truth. but his commenters are not all so backward and if you want a way to make some sense of the web, do what I do, read the (500 or more every week) comments and follow the links that are offered there and you will have a direct line to the most interesting things on the web.
3. jack dinglers blog although as with my own weasledogs lair is not updated everyday, I still go hopefully looking. I started going here as he is a regular and very valuable commentator on the aforementioned clusterfuck blog
4. the weather in madrid (according to robots). I also go to this one and click on Madrid, right in the centre and read the human written version. and it's all bad news again tomorrow. (for cycling)
and I look at my yahoo mail.

four places I would rather be
I'm not sure I would rather be anywhere that I am not. but if you insist.
1. climbing mountains on my bike
2. amongst the termite mounds in the Northern Territory
3. Tasmania
4. anyplace away from the city and all the people

four bloggers I am tagging
1. jack dingler jr
2. detlef
3. joe
4. lily and lucy white, who count as two I suppose.

thanks again teri for thinking of me
well now I have really got to go, (and let them know) and go to bed.
illustration friday
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