Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bicho Breakthrough

Well almost.
From Hervás

Second place. Although there's nothing on the trophy that says that it was for second place, so... I could claim it was for winning and you'd all be none the wiser, but I'm just not like that.

From Hervás

AS you may have guessed from the title of this entry, my family nickname is 'El Bicho' which roughly translates as the insect, from my years as a stick insect.
Shades of the Metamorphosis.
Before I started riding again, when I was only a painter, and was smoking I was down to 61 kgs and my wife named me the Stick insect, 'el Bicho palo' and it has stuck. only in the house though.

My good friend Elias, 'Papito' won in his category of the masters 50 and received for this a bigger cup.

From Hervás

Still a good time was had by all. The day before we went to another race and I was 5th after helping my teammate Pablo try and win. He attacked in the penultimate lap and I tried to hold the rest of our group back, succeeding except for one guy who got to him and unfortunately beat him in the final metres when Pablo was slowed by riders who were being lapped.

From Carrera Villa del Prado

At least these guys had a podium.
Anyhow, I know there's more i could say, and all that but I better go and put a celebratory entry on the team blog (in Spanish) and so I'm going to leave it at that.

Bye for another six months.

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