Monday, October 17, 2005

that time of the year


must be why it was so fricking cold on the mountain.
I was even cold climbing, and that means it was bloody cold, believe you me.
we won't talk about descending, with a maximum of 71 km/hr while changing gloves.
lucky I put my jacket on before turning around, or..
obviously I put my jacket on before turning around, but I didn't think to change gloves..

these photos however are not from the ride up the mountain, because, to put it simply I didn't have the camera with me, much to my disapointment when I saw how spectacular were the weather conditions yesterday, with cloud cover from about halfway up. (a lot like the foto in the previous post, which is not mine, as I didn't point out yesterday, but comes from the site)

the photos in this post are mine, from a walk in el pardo this afternoon, and indeed I have some fotos from when I climbed la morcuera last time, the day that la vuelta a espaƱa passed by there. I'll post some of them soon.

but to stay on track. This afternoon eni and I went, with several of our park regulars to the kings stomping grounds, apparently, el pardo as I mentioned before.
It was looking good.

the kids with four legs had a fine old time



lua and lucca


and of course everybody's favourite, or at least mine
seen here shamelessly begging

lua and lucca were big on water action

while tina went halfway and eni was happier in the clover

now I must go to bed


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