Wednesday, October 26, 2005

on sleep and dreams

I awoke this morning feeling quite pleased to have remembered about the cheque for 27 million euros that we had received the other day, and stuck in a drawer or something.
ah I thought, it would be a good day to take the cheque to the bank and perhaps grab a bit of cash as well.
then I started wondering why I hadn't already done this, as I know we received the cheque some days ago, from the lotteria.
then I started wondering what a check from the lottery was doing coming to us anyway, when I haven't put an entry in in quite a while.

anyhow as you may suspect it was about this point when my concious brain started to kick in and groan and I realised that it could take quite a good search of the house to find the drawer in which we had stuck the unusual cheque
(even though we have no drawers, and the whole house measures less than 30 square metres)

what a disapointment to start my day
It was a very calm sort of dream, there was nothing to give it away, (except the 27 million euros not being part of my life), and I was quite looking foward to going to the bank, for once.

like all good dreams about winning the lottery that I have ever had it seemed perfectly reasonable there for quite a while and even after I woke up, I wasn't perfectly sure if the 27 million euros was in the picture or not.

but somehow I decided that it wasn't going to be the day to take a 27 million euro cheque to the bank and go buy my new pushbike.
you know I would still buy the same one.
maybe I would then buy more stuff, but I would still go and buy the 1000 euro bike that I have my heart set on.
(that figure includes the tip that I would give miguel at the bike shop)
I sure wouldn't buy one of those dread beasts that would represent freedom and dreams to many people

maybe most people wouldn't think of a mini there.
oh well another day without 27 million, I'm not complaining really, what good would it do.

I guess the sun will provide

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