Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I forgot about this yesterday

After Lourdes went back home, being pretty cold in the park with half the sun still covered up, Eni and I took off to walk a bit in our park.
la dehessa de la villa
I swear that when we were on a treed hillside, (it's a big park), we found this

I'm kicking myself that we didnt take some photos of it where it was in the park. It was just lying on the dead grass (there is a severe drought on) something like you see above

as you can see it has a picture of an anular eclipse or at least thats what it looks like to me

it would seem to be a perfume package/box, but not new either

and the side of the box

it would have to just go down as a bizarre coincidence
unless somebody can come up with a logical explanation of why an old perfume box that just happens to have a picture of an anular eclipse on it ends up in my forest park for me to find the morning of a rare anular eclipse that I just saw ten minutes earlier.
I have tried to come up with one but I am stumped.


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scott said...

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