Monday, October 24, 2005

illustration friday- remote

hello to any illustration friday viewers that come along.
this is my first illustration friday
I'm sort of sorry that it's a reworked photo, but it is a photo of a work on paper.
it somehow seemed more remote the chance of me actually getting round to doing my first illustration friday if I didn't start somehow.
and since I take so many more photos than I do drawings now..
I feel like apologising that it is a side of the theme word that is about the most obvious as well, but the first thing that occured to me was actually control
you know, like, remote control
I nearly did a 911 one
little blogging joke there
anyway, heres my first illustration friday illustration.
glad to come on board
(little watery doom pun)

I will try to keep it up now
illustration friday that is

1 comment:

Aravis said...

I love the color and texture. Welcome to IF!