Tuesday, October 11, 2005

¿ down to earth ?

perhaps it would be more appropriate

a photo of a tempestuous sky
after all it's a topsy-turvy world we live in
especially from inside this head.
but instead a nice high clouds shot from the bicycle seat on Sunday.

I'm trying at this moment to decide whether to join the downtrodden masses and get a job.
doesn't sound too much like a problem, does it. I don't really have the choice in the long term, (not that I actually believe there will be the sort of long term where my choice matters).
I think it's easy to see we can't keep doing what we've been doing.
but I for one am still doing it (what I've been doing not what we've been doing)
anyhow this post is not about that really either, because the timetable of the next few years is pretty debatable, and although it could all collapse tomorrow, it could also keep on like this for a decade.
It's been months since I was able to paint or draw for any extended period anyway. I have started numerous works but finished very few indeed since my exhibition.
I mean the damn exhibition was just a chance to show my new Spanish friends what I do, but I haven't been able to cope with the fact that it was such a success but still made it obvious that I would have to do something else for a living.
I've been living off the money I saved by being in the cold room at Paul's every day for a year and a bit. But although Lourdes works and all, the money is more than half gone and we have quite a lot of fights over any spending that I want to do.
and the trouble is that I have started to want to do quite a bit.
I mean we live pretty damn frugally, I would challenge most people to do as well.
but cycling is expensive. The maintenance to keep an old bike in good shape is horrendous and the truth is, as mentioned in another post I really need to get a new one.
this one for example.

although this is the new model, the actual specimen I want to bring home is roughly the same but is last years model.
I would like to point out here that we are not talking about anything too extravagant here, aluminium frame with carbon rear end and forks with a mixture of ultegra and 105 components.
it's a 1200 euro bike, (about 2000 aussie dollars) but my bike shop has offered it to me for 950. Thats pretty hard to pass up.
especially when my frame is cracking up. (see previous post)

or some other one, I mean it's just got to be good enough for what I do, which is a lot for a pretender
and I want to do more next year too.

pretty nice hey, although mine will be orange, the basque colour. After all it's a basque bike.
so that's the problem I face this morning
the realisation that I can only be so frugal, when theres things I want to do that aren't walk the dog, (I like doing that still, and it's very well priced.)
and I am waiting for my distance course in solar energy to arrive. (after all it's already paid for)
but income from that is still months off
so here I am writing a CV to take to DIA and try get some income for discretional spending.
(well I'll get back to that now)

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