Friday, October 21, 2005

the rain has returned

although it's not raining now, but it did rain on me yesterday when I was getting in some kms.
not that I mind, it's a bit of a pain having to clean the bike but rain is good.
apparently it rains too much in too many places now but it's not raining too much here
just raining sometimes is good

like it's been doing, it seems to be a bit of a change
and according to this it will be around for a few more days yet.

It's not really raining much volume though
I'm sure it hasn't made a hell of a lot of difference to the dams yet
eni takes a while to get going on days like this

but then gets a load on

and on

and he's not alone

go quequita

but, as I tell eni, all good things must come to a close,

walks and talks,
dog's and blogs'

so I better do some studying,
hasta luego

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