Wednesday, October 19, 2005


as the title suggests, a bit of a hodge podge of images today
I have been meaning to make some posts with a bit of social commentary,
but this is not one.
still maybe some interest there for those in other lands
as you can see the differences between the consumer society here and on the other side of the globe are disapearing fast. same brands are dominating the scene here as have already dominated elsewhere, and of course thats the idea of capitalism and globalism. I mean take these two..

might seem pretty harmless to see johnny and ballantines, after all scotch comes from scotland after all. It's not like there are only these two, on the market but the others that you see advertised, J&B, passport, etc are the same ones that you would see advertised any time you walk down any street in the western world.
seems like a shame to me.

spain has it's own brands of nearly everything you can think of, (in some cases of course it is the brand, think chupa chups, for example.)
the main contender for the whisky market is the unfortunately named DYC, (pronounced dick, with no sense of the obvious), which is the source of great amusement among english speaking drinkers.
and I won't even start on Mc Burger King, Marlboro, etc.
Anyhow, I didn't really take that photo with that commentary in mind. I took it as eni had spooked the pidgeons from there feeding frenzy on the ground and they were there waiting paciently for our departure.
I missed a great photo opportunity recently when eni did his rush the birdies routine and one unfortunate pidgeon was doing a bit of heavy grooming and had his (or her) head so far under his (or her) wing that he (or she) didn't see eni coming, flat out. Eni of course assumed that this pidgeon would do as the previous two million pidgeons had done when faced with the eni onslaught and kept up full pace.
what a collision.
eni is just the right hight for the contact to be made at his chest level and the poor bird was thrown 5 metres by the impact.
they were both stunned.
and I was not taking photos, had the camera, just wasn't taking photos at the time

anyhow we moved on
hey check out this graffiti

I know it's not original, as I have seen the image before, but someone went to a lot of trouble to paint it there.

well I better think about getting my little doggy friend down to the street as it's no longer last night

but indeed a new day and there are things to do, and, for eni, poos to meet.
and they won't be winny
until soon

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