Thursday, October 06, 2005

premios angel de pintura

I'm going now to hand deliver, (as I always do, ¿have you ever priced messenger services?) my entry in the premios angel de pintura, a painting prize.
well straight after I eat my two-day-old salad on toast that I just made.

looks pretty damn good, doesn't it?
I should stop doing this so I can get on with eating it
I'm trying to do both things at once, sorry keyboard
anyway it's a pretty rich prize,
first prize is 75 thousand euros and 25000 the second and only other prize.
thats about one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars the first and 40 thousand the second (australian dollars, and they are conversions off the top of my head) so not tooo shabby
As you know (those who know) I haven't been painting much for a few months so I'm going to put one from last year, the ten thousand eight hundred and twenty blue balls one.
It has been exhibited before but there is nothing in the rules of the compitition that say that it cannot have been. also they only specify a maximum size, not a minimum

this is the one
it's very small (20 X 27 cms) so there has to be an attentive judge
I mean, let me clarify.
I am not thinking they are going to give away so much money for a little painting, but as always I can hope to get in the exhibition and catalog
I have got into three out of the four competitions I have entered this time round in spain, so it has to be a possibility

a couple of details


watercolour on geso
2-3 months work
hope there is someone there who will apreciate it

I got to go and shave and shower so I will leave this now
thanks for reading
I thought I would throw in my identity card foto as well
you would not have seen it

until next time,
I luv youse all


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