Friday, January 27, 2006

yes I am alive, and happy to be so

I am really missing my blogging friends
I would like to give a special thanks to Teri C, aynaku, detlef, princessemerlin, lily and lucy white, anonymous and also the other anonymous, who I think is my sister but I haven't had a chance to check, (by phone of course)
and last but not least, by any means, jack dingler jnr otherwise known as weaseldog or thorn in the side of the powers that be and their minions,
for having come by and commented even though I haven't been out and about and commenting on their blogs.
I hope you can all accept a link instead. I love youse all
(I hope I haven't left anybody out. I bet I have. I will check later)

as for me, I haven't been doing anything except an enormous number of kilometres.
ironic for a peak oil believer.
but I have been doing them in public transport, and on my bike, (that's a human powered bicycle, or maybe a super human powered one, I certainly try)
I have done 3000 kms since I bought my new bike on saturday november 5, according to the blogging evidence. (and my cycling computer.)
I am joining a club, or peña as it is really, which is sort of like a small club, but affiliated with the organisations, to make it official. It's my first time.
previously I have done a heap of klms, but just with my cycling mate seton, and although we often went out with a group, I have never joined a club before.

time to insert another drawing, sort of a, um... I don't have a clue.

and a detail that lets you see how long it has been, if you look closely

anyhow I was really keen to do an hour or more on the trainer, to try and consolidate the gains of having stopped smoking cones.
(yes, you heard correctly, I have given up smoking cones, since wednesday I have been finally completely smoke free. yeah for me)
I am hoping that I can attack harder than ever, or more to the point, keep it up when I do.
I seem to have a habit of jumping away from the pack and then running out of steam and having to struggle to latch on as they all come past me again.
still lot of fun though.
I will leave you with another watercolour that took a month, or so.
it doesn't really reproduce well here.

a detail of same.

If anybody would like a high res version for a desktop or something, you only have to ask.
the painting itself is still availiable as well.
as are all the other works I have ever done, with few, very few, exceptions
that's what comes with being me.

I did draw some cats, in my agenda as I was rushing about on metros and buses, but I haven't posted to illustration friday.
maybe I will later. ( of course it's next week already. maybe the circles would qualify as glamour. :))

I really do love youse all

also, get firefox, if you haven't already.
Get Firefox!


merlinprincesse said...

*admiration* for the flowers AND the circling circles!!!! I would have been lost drawing those!!! So a very nice way!

Anonymous said...

You forgot ME! You don't know who I am??? You didn't phone either!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you ARE alive! I love your circle images the most ... they would drive me insane to paint though ... great work!

Anonymous said...

Dude, 3000 frigging Kms you truly are a cycling dynamo!!! and it looks like a top bike. My mileage after getting a bike for Xmas is about 10Km - I am hopelessly unfit as you can guess from the mileage.

Great drawing, and the watercolour is enigmatic and captivating. Can I ask what size both of them are?


Teri C said...

Scott, your penci drawings just knock my socks off! They are so wonderful-so detailed and so realistic!

Good to hear that are alive and cycling (like crazy it seems!)

Anonymous said...


aynaku said...

hi scott, it`s long time since I don't hear from you...beatiful drawinfs, anway...