Friday, January 13, 2006

illo friday (last week's)

Dog, how bad is that, especially when you see what I'm going to be posting.
It's just that as stated in another post I have got a job and it's a killer. (time wise)
I will try to post properly this weekend and try to explain a little more.
no time now

sorry illustration friday

I still go to the park though
will try to help eni update soon.

but, for now, I see sun


and linda,

have been spotted

Get Firefox!


Anonymous said...

well... I like it... cute... straight to the point... honest and quirky... go dog go...

Teri C said...

Gee Scott, you must REALLY be busy!! Time to slow down a bit and give the dog a bone.

I even enjoy your little sketches.

E is for Energy. You need some! Or is that T is for time which you need even more:)