Sunday, January 22, 2006

10 minute blogging

It has to be. ten minutes that is
I have to get up in 4 and a half hours from now and I need to sleep and try and grow some new muscle cells

maybe that's what this work represents
I don't know. I had to leave it out of the exhibition back then ( the last exhibition that I have been involved in was a year ago and the next..
dog knows, but he's not telling me.

a detail from the above work, but amplified, as the whole thing is about the size of the image above, which is the whole thing. (the first image)(depending on the size of your monitor)

and maybe E is for .. .. ENI of course

and a now lost painting, lost when the self portrait that it was attached to was left in a bar by the courier charged with delivering it to the buyer in Greece.
lucky I didn't arrange that

this is the above-mentioned self portrait

roughly the size it appears above.
and a pair of details from same, greatly enlarged.

and the leaf

and a really weird one, also in grafite on gesso.

well it turned in to a forty minute blogging.
and I still didn't say anything

illustration friday must think I died.

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Anonymous said...

yo, doober I really like the weird one.... though .. its not really that weird in actuality...

merlinprincesse said...

I really love all your drawings Scott!

Teri C said...

WOW Scott, the pencil work on these is just AWESOME!!! Beautiful! You really love detail work don't you. Makes my head spin to look at it-can't even imagine doing it.

Glad to see you back here and not dead as rumor has it:).

How is the job going?

Anonymous said...

I like the "really weird one" the best! Great details!!

Weaseldog said...

I like them all. I'm not even gonna try to pick favorites.

And ditto on the detail work. That's amazing.

Lily and Lucy White said...

Oh, you are alive… That is good. I Love the last one in your post, with little circles next to it. And I can see after doing something like the first one you will have to grow new fingers, he-he. Lily.

Anonymous said...

Scott - the whole lot are good, but obviously I'm drawn to the pencil ones. I am REALLY IMPRESSED with the self portrait - fantasic composition. The more abstract "strange" one is rapidly growing on me as well. Brilliant.