Saturday, November 05, 2005

it's just like I dreamed

having gone out and climbed la morcuera today on the new shebeast I am all kind of blown out but can't stop smiling stupidly, (although maybe thats the drugs)

if you click on the image you will see one of the reasons why there should be a time to smile and a time to, . um.. oh I don't know.
to think a few months ago and I was all doom and gloom, but remembered that there's always cycling, and then I broke my bike and then along came orbea and miguel at the bike shop to make me an offer to turn my life around, although he was just trying to sell a bike.

Today was the first time that I did any k's on her
(funny how until now all bikes have been hims or its for me, not hers)
I took her out yesterday to el pardo, (which is where the king and all the other spongers live, so can't be too bad a spot, shame about the sound of gunfire that is continual there.. . bad king. ) and took some photos, (I know, surprise, surprise)

thats madrid city in the background above

one of the gates that keeps the terrorists out.

didn't do many likometres yesterday though, too busy looking for that good shot, without too much success.

that's probably the best effort and it cost me a bunch of scratches and more.
That's what I go through to bring you this blog.
Somebody make a comment and it'll all be worthwhile
(don't forget to click on one of the images to see the problem at home!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah mate,
it looks a tad smoother than the one you used to ride down the side of auckland hill on when you were 10 years old.............. and i KNOW you had some proper scratches from that one!