Thursday, November 10, 2005

my appearance on the tele

this is sort of old news, but for those who didn't know the cycling came through town a few weeks ago, and I went wild with delight, later tempered slightly for reality, but this entry isn't to whinge about deadbeat officialdom, but in a rare show of complicity by your's truly, to celebrate sporting endevours and to getting on the tele without even trying

the first weekend was the visit of the vuelta a espaƱa to madrid for the last stage, and glory be, they went for a road race stage, when they almost always end with an individual time trial, which is a very different category of spectacle.
and best of all they came right past my front door, not once but twice.
as you can imagine I was pretty thrilled although I actually went to the very same park that I always go to, la dehesa de la villa, because they arrived there to climb the scenic little hill that goes through this pretty big forest park.
I have mentioned all this in another post, come to think of it.
anyway that's where we were when we first got on the tele, and even if it wasn't that was a pretty nifty piece of alliteration.

and so you can see how literally I mean right past the house,

then they came past again, and we had moved up the hill slightly, although this time it was even harder to spot us there

and another view from the helicopter as they came back past the house,

then the very next weekend the UCI cycling world championships was staged in Madrid and as my luck was holding the women came past 6 times, the mens under 23s 8 times and the elite men on sunday came past the house 13 times
as you can imagine I took quite a few shots, I'll post some in another post

anyway the camera missed me in almost all of the circuits, and then I made the error of standing in the shade, although I wasn't trying to get on the tele anyway, I insist.

but when the penultimate circuit came around I was down the very bottom of the hill carretera de la dehesa de la villa and standing in the sun and you cant miss me, first as a french rider, (nameless, in this blog at least, for lazyness to find it out, and because this is all about me, sportmanship comments earlier not withstanding), who was off the front of the bunch came past...

and then as the second camera caught the spanish attack (I think this was Alexander Valverde, who eventually placed second on the day) while a pair of aussies were working to try and reel the frenchman in, I got my best exposure yet

after that the house appearing was second fiddle

sorry I took so long to come back and finish up here, and I would like to throw my thoughts the diggers way, for yesterday. (11 11)
until next time
au revoir

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