Thursday, November 24, 2005

autumn classes

That's how impressed is el eni, but I have got my first gig.
:since I have a new plan; that I don't know if I mentioned here. I'm going to go back to the english classes plan.
(that's giving them! not taking them smartarse)
and I at least have my first client(s)(two girls, but only one paycheck)
but it's a start. :)
light at the end of the tunnel etc.

I am quite convinced that I can do it pretty damn well this time round.
I was floundering the first time when I took a job with a scammy school.
I knew it was a scammy school by the way the add said,
wanted: english teachers. no qualifications or experience neccesary.
Sort of gives the game away ¿no?
(how I love that little ¿no? thing)
Anyway, as is usual my mind has been mulling (punny hey) over it for a couple of years before digesting it properly and I am quite convinced that I can do a better job of it than any of these acadamies anyway.

Not to mention that if I can get a few students and especially if I can get a group with the help of Victoria and Paz, I can survive through until I finish studying.
and keep up a similar lifestyle to that which I have become accustomed.

since it's pretty cheap to walk in the park.
I just have to open my mouth and speak like a good boy from Cambridge.
If I was learning english, I'd want to learn to sound like an Australian, but people here are hung up on the idea that they come from the Spanish equivalent of Cambridge (well not according to those from Valladolid) and therefore want to speak English like the English, the Cambridge type of course.
their loss.
A little aside, for those who don't know; in Spanish the language is not normally called Spanish. If you get my drift. you can call it español but it is more properly, and commonly called castellano (pronounced with very little L sound. That's really another letter, the LL, although it now doesn't figure as such in the official acadamy. there used to be three extras, la elle, (LL), la eñe (Ñ) and la che, (CH), but now theres only ñ.(cost benefit calculations once keyboards came around))
my idea of the reason for the choice would be that Castellano (Spanish to us) is only one of several languages spoken in the Iberian peninsula, and in many parts is not the one people use. (although I get the feeling one can get by with only Spanish in most places. you just stand out as an outsider, which is par for the course for any anglo-saxon boy, or girl)

any how enough about that.
I'm been going on and on ¿no?
I'm going to have to take my little mate down to the street as he has finally left the bed, an hour and a half after me, and probably would like to take a leak.
I've got him on my lap now so I'll spin him out another few minutes.
poor little guy

can't explain why I stuck so many photos of autumn leaves in today
I'll try and remember to take the camera with me today and go to the Canencia and then I'll have post autumn trees. and valleys; and mountain sides and snow covered peaks. anyway you will see
might be the last chance for a while
OK well eni is starting to become a little insistant so I better post this and get him to the fire hydrant, as it were.
I'll leave you with a sort of painterly photo, I say sort of because I'm sure I could photoshop it and get a painting out of it.

see you tomorrow for an illustration friday


qñerty said...

Hi Scott.

The actual name for Spanish is castellano not "castillana". Many people think that español = Spanish and castellano = Castilian, but it's not true. Actually, some people say castellano and others say español. Sometimes there are political reasons to chose one word or the other.


Letters or digraphs have feminine gender: la elle, la eñe and la che.

Never there were CH or LL keys on either typewriters or computers. LL and CH used to be ordered differently form other languages, but that's all. No economy, only simplicity.

scott said...

hey thanks qñerty,
I have fixed my most glaring errors, el genero is what gives me the most problem always, and the accents, and the pronounciation.
believe me, queensland country boys don't learn other languages easily.
thanks for setting the record straight.
that page is a good reference source as well.
hope you will come back and check out my other stuff too.

qñerty said...