Monday, April 16, 2007

second mountain climb of the season

From navacerrada

and as you can see it hurt, although seeing as I love suffering . . .

seriously though I wonder if it is good that I can spend more than twenty minutes above the theoretical maximum heart rate for someone of my age.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

From navacerrada

anyhow, I feel guilty here when I should be studying, (although the same doesn't seem to affect me when I am reading other people's stuff on the web) so I might sign off, and go do just that

hi to all those illustration friday people who used to come around. hope to see you all soon.
(I must admit I don't even know what this weeks topic is.)
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Teri C said...

Hey! I wondered what you were doing and I see you are still riding!! I'll look for your IF entry this coming Friday.