Sunday, February 11, 2007

Illo friday - (before the) CRASH

hey everybody
I'm back, sort of.
I have always been here of course, but I am so agobiado these last few months that I haven't been able to get it together to post.
I was working on a book project but it has all fallen through.
A self help type book for adult ADHD sufferers.
this was to be one of the pages of same.

anyway, it seemed like a good one for crash, although as I noted in the title, it's more like before the (inevitable) crash. hello to all the hardworking illustration friday people, and I hope to be around a bit more.
love youse all
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ValGalArt said...

Hi Scott! So good to hear from you and see your art again! This seems like a great and worthy project! I'm sure that the people that suffer from this would benefit greatly. I had to laugh at the image though as it is hilarious! Wonderful! I have missed your humour and loving spirit!

Teri C said...

Welcome back Scott!! It has been waaay to long.

I can't believe your book deal fell through! It looks wonderful and would be probably be loved by all those suffering from it.

I will look for you next week.

I know you were surprised to see my abstract but I have fallen in love with doing mandala's.

Michelle Lana said...

Heheh.....very cool! Thanks for stopping by!

studio lolo said...

Is he flipping the bird?? Funny! Sorry about the book deal.When one book closes...
Nice illo!

Detlef said...

Good one dude and welcome back. Glad to see you are all OK.

Hellcat said...

YUMYUM brains!