Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hey, I'm back

although I am out of time to write my content, but I will come back to finish up later today
shit, I mean poo I mean joder.
it's been a week since I wrote that.
how time flies, and rightnow I am here instead of where the plan calls for, - out on my bike getting some more kms in.
dog knows I need them.
my ability to procrastinate lately, instead of get out there and suffer like a god, is costing me dearly.
and obviously the same thing happened last tuesday as well

at least that's a smile ¿no?

ever since I started to relax a bit, that has become my new norm, while the others in the group are doing secret training , or eating less ice-cream, or doing something because every time we come to an uphill stretch I'm off the back and I don't like it.
I was climbing really well, when I wasn't working.
that's pedro next to me in the following photo.
don't let that knome like appearence fool you. he he shaved off that beard he would look like the killer that he is.
he came in only four minutes after the winner in a recent 'race' to the mountain pass called navacerrada. in about fifteenth place.
and although I didn't do it I know that another day he climbed navacerrada in 26 mins and I took 34 on sunday.

and that fellow behind is the same sort of problem.
they are just killing me in the climbs now.
I have to do some serious rectification.
anyhow, I've got to go now or it's just not going to happen.

and eni is crying from frustration.
vaya team.

illustration friday
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merlinprincesse said...

Glad to see your smile! :)

Anonymous said...

I see that you havent lost your fine taste in spectacularly outstanding spectacles, hmm .. etc...no more riverting rivers of speech flow from my somewhat weary digits... night all...

Virginia said...

Lovely pictures, is it really hot in Spain right now?

Anonymous said...

been a while between postings doober...

scott said...

has been a long time ¿no?
guess I better try real soon
just going to go search out a few images

merlinprincesse said...

Where are ya, Scott? E-mail me! :)