Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The most expensive lock cylinder on the market

Imagine my surprise and pleasure. I got robbed on Sunday, at the race. I was in Boadilla del Monte for the last Pavo (turkey) race of the season, (see my team blog for more details) and after our race was over my good mate Papito and I went for a ride to get some more kilometres in. Well, while we were gone some desperate down and outs saw there was a bag on the floor of the back seat and smashed the window and took what they could grab. Unfortunately, that included my bag with my wallet and my house keys. Luckily I have another little wallet thing which I take with me on the bike (and had with me) that has my ID cards and my bankcard (saving me hours of line-standing-in and form-filling-out) that's still an explosive combination. (wallet and keys) So I had to change the locks on the house. A bit of googling let me in on the How-To, so I took the old cylinder out and went of to the hardware shop to get another one. (the googling had given me the idea that I was up for 30 or 40 dollars) The first hardware didn't have that model but could get it for me. I politely declined, (the only real benefit for me of living in this city is that there is a certain density of consumer choices) so off I went to try some more places. After trying the next three places that I knew of, that were close enough to walk to, (each of whom offered to get it in for me, in periods varying from next week to this afternoon), I finally found an affirmative reply. I was pleased as punch and started readying my wallet for the 30 or 40 euro slug that it was going to receive. (I thought) "How much then", I asked in my fabulous, heavily accented Spanish. "that'll be 95 euros" the jolly shoptender anounced gleefully. "the most expensive lock cylinder on the market" he added in response to my swearing. "Most expensive keys too" he added. There's got to be a lesson in there somewhere. Don't leave things in view in a parked car, I 'spose it is. Even when the car is parked in the middle of a group of cars of your mates who are all hanging around their cars and all. Live and learn. Bad for my budget though. At a point where it's bad enough as it is.

Danny McAskill: Way Back Home

Danny McAskill: Way back home, flipping . . .

A video by my furry friends

flipa colega

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

I know, I should be doing better than posting other peoples work, but I couldn't resist this. It's just so beautiful